About the 1886 Model Winchester

Winchester 1886 Model Repeating Rifle Price List

Octogon Barrel, 26in. long or under, weight about 9 1/2 lbs. $21.00
Half Octogon Barrel, 26in. long or under, weight about 9 1/2 lbs. 19.50
Round Barrel, 26in. long or under, weight about 9 lbs. 21.00

The standard length of barrel will be 26 inches. Guns taking the 45-70 Cartridge will have the Sporting Leaf Sight, and all others the Sporting Rear Sight.

A rifle with 26 inch barrel and full magazine will carry nine 45-70-405 cartridges and eight of the other three cartridges.

Cleaning rods will not be put in butt-stock, but each gun will be accompanied by a slotted hickory rod without charge.

Only guns with plain locks can be furnished at the present. Set locks and guns of other calibers will be ready in a few months.

All extras same as other Winchester Repeating Rifles.


Full Nickel Plating $4.00
Nickel Plating Trimmings 2.50
Silver Plating Trimmings 4.00
Gold Plating Trimmings 8.00
Set Triggers (on Winchesters only) 3.00
Fancy Walnut Stock and Fore-arm 4.00
Checking Butt-Stock and Fore-arm 4.00
Fancy Walnut Stock and Fore-arm, checked 8.00
Pistol-grip Stock and Fore-arm, Fancy Walnut, checked 12.00
Pistol-grip Stock of Plain Walnut, not checked 4.00
Rubber Butt-Plates 2.00
Swiss Butt-Plates 2.00
Cheek Piece on Fancy Stock 4.00
Leaving off Rear Sight Slot, or changing position of Rear Sight 2.00
Case-hardening 1.00
Extra Finished Plain Stocks, on Case-hardened GUns only 2.00
Swivels and Sling Strap 1.50
Matted Barrels 4.00
Canvas Covers 1.50
Stiff Leather Cases 6.00

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